What is nutrition?

Nutrition supports what we is considered part of our over all health and wellness. Nutrition and our Physical Activity makes up of what we call our overall wellness. Nutrition and Physical Activity are so much related that you can think of them as two peas in a pod: our state of nutrition is influenced by how much energy we use doing activities, and our level of physical activity has a large impact on how we use the food we eat. We can perform more strenuous activities for longer periods when we eat a nutritious diet, whereas an inadequate or excessive food intake can make us feel slow and tired. A poor diet, inadequate or excessive physical activity, or a combination of these also can lead into major health problems. Several studies have suggested that healthful nutrition and regular physical activity can increase feelings of well-being and lower feelings of anxiety and depression. In other words, wholesome food and physical activity just plain feel good!


Source: Brytewave Nutrition