47 In

We are 47 games into the Red Sox season.  David Price has had 9 starts so far.  The early returns on him aren’t inspiring.  As of this writing he’s 4-4 with a 4.38 ERA.  Numbers like that are good for a 5th starter but terrible for a guy with Price’s talent. Sabermetrics stat gurus put a lot of stock in the WHIP stat.  Price’s 2018 WHIP is 1.266 which is the worst mark of his career.

It’s painful to say but needs to be asked…

Can we file for a divorce from David Price?

I don’t say this lightly.  On pride and principle you hate to realize your team made the wrong decision.  He’s been in Boston for three years and has made tons of starts.  Nothing should get in the way of seeing the truth.  Dombrowski ignored the warning signs about Price and signed him to a bad deal.  It wasn’t a smart use of the teams money.

This isn’t personal.  This is business.  Listen to him talk and you get the impression he’s upset, claustrophobic and hates being in Boston.  Being in an environment you hate isn’t conducive to success.

He seems like a sensitive guy that gets riled up from boos and Twitter trolls.  It’s a shame John Henry can’t give him an extra million to stay off social media.  Bill Belichick’s edict of “ignore the noise” needs to be drilled in Price’s head.  At this point I know that will never happen.

A sports divorce could play out in three possible ways. 

(1)    Price could be released outright.  This would be like when John Henry considered releasing Manny Ramirez after the 2003 season.

(2)    Price gets traded for starting pitcher depth or useful bullpen arms.

(3)    Price has an awesome year, opts out of his contract and I’ll drive him to Logan

Normally when a player leaves town it’s a mixed bag.  Big contracts create expectations.  In 2016 I was expecting 30 starts, 210 innings, 20 wins, low ERA and top 5 in the voting for the Cy Young award.  It’s natural to be bummed out when a player doesn’t live up to what you thought he’d be.

I have no acrimony or disappointment with David Price.  The book on him was very clear.  His makeup is big fish small pond.  Some guys have the alpha dog competitive clutch gene in their DNA and others do not.  David Price does not.  He wasn’t going to become more clutch. In retrospect it was unrealistic to expect that kind of production from Price.

No matter what I wish him well.