COLUMN DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this column is merely trying to articulate what Bill Belichick was thinking during the Patriots 2018 draft.  No viewpoints will be advocated one way or the other. 

The Patriots are the polar opposite of the Rex Ryan Era Jets.  Normally they don’t tip their hand about what they are thinking.  Reporters have to be especially ravenous for any clues and news that may tip Bill’s hand.  If you could slip a microphone in the Patriots draft war room what do you think Bill and Nick were saying to each other? Here is one mans thoughts on what they might have said to each other.

“You know Nick I don’t think much of the 2018 quarterback draft class.  Back in 2013 I thought we need to prepare for life without Tommy hence why I drafted Jimmy.  I got to hand it to Brady.  He successfully staved off competition from the guy I thought would succeed him.  Once Jimmy left for Frisco I thought I’d dip back into the draft for a quarterback.  My plan was I’d draft a QB, give him a clipboard and he’d take over for Tommy in 2021.  Now that I’ve seen the tapes I realize none of these guys are worth trading up for or staying put and using a first on them.”

“This years draft class isn’t the best for defensive players.  Detroit and the Titans have traded up on the last few defensive players worth taking.  Lets nab a great OL and stud skill player for Tommy.”

“The front seven wasn’t very good in the Super Bowl.  Tre Flowers was the only real good pass rusher so let’s get Clayborn.  We’ll have to make a leap of faith with Derek Rivers.  I think he’s progressed enough from his ACL tear.  Let’s gamble that he’ll be recovered by September and bank on him.”

“Solving the problems with the front seven won’t get done via the draft.  You can build a team via three ways; trades, free agency and draft.  Let’s grab Danny Shelton to tie up blockers, stuff the run and collapse the pocket.  Jason McCourty will replace Malcom Go Butler.  Passing offenses these days almost always feature a 3rd receiver.  We are going to need a 3rd corner so I'm going to nab that kid from Florida.”

“Gronk is probably just angling to get a new deal.  If he’s considering retirement due to the punishment he’s gotten no way he’ll go to the WWE.  Wrestling is arguably worse for your body than pro football. Let’s light a fire under Rob, keep Dwayne Allen and sign Troy Niklas.  He’s good at blocking and OK as a receiver. “

Something like this had to have been said in the Patriots draft war room.  What other conclusions can a person come to?