Patriots fans, here's why next season will be another great one!

“Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.”

Louis CK’s words ring in my head as I read about the Patriots this offseason.  The media is acting as if it’s the end of the road for Bill and Tommy after eighteen years.  It’s kind of staggering how the anti-Patriot haters are basking in their Super Bowl loss, but that’s human nature.

I refuse to let their glee get to me.  To borrow a line from the “fun to listen to no matter who you are” Taylor Swift I’m just going to shake it off. 

A silver lining in the Super Bowl is this will force Bill and Tommy to right the ship, knock off any complacency, put the work in and fight to get their 6th Vince.  The future still bright.  Here is one mans thoughts on why we need to keep our heads up.

Number 1 = Bill partially filled the need for a pass rusher with a proven vet. 

Case in point Adrian Clayborn.  During the Super Bowl it felt like Nick Foles had 5 hours to complete a pass.  In the modern day NFL a quarterback needs only 3-5 seconds to drop back and complete passes.  On the bright side Clayborn is powerful and quick enough to elude offensive tackles.  Watch any of his games and you’ll see if he didn’t get the sack he forced alot of bad passes.  If you can’t get the sack forcing a QB into a fumble, an incompletion or interception is just as sweet.

Number 2 = Jason McCourty baby!

Asking a rookie to fill the void left by Malcolm’s departure is a pretty tall order.  Jason is a respectable corner behind Stephan Gilmore.  I believe in twin telepathy and I’m convinced Devin can get through to him.  Bill knows his track recording drafting corners is a mixed bag so he grabs a competent veteran instead. For every Butler, Harmon and Ryan that work there are just as many Wheatley, Wilhite, and Brock Williams misses.

Number 3 = they got a few vets to replace Nate Solder.

Matt Tobin is here to compete for Nate’s old job.  If Matt fails they could turn to Luke Bowanko.  Who knows if Tony Garcia will pan out.  Bottom line the team has options to fill the void left by Nate going to the Giants.

Number 4 = their draft capital has been restocked.  

As of this writing the Patriots have nine picks in this years draft.  The team has had some misses, some bad luck and theft by Roger Goodell lately.  Easley is in LA, Jimmy G is in Frisco,  Stork had to retire due to concussions and Jordan Richards hasn’t lived up to expectations.  Cyrus Jones looks like a bust.  Deatrich Wise is the only good thing about the 2017 draft class so far.  I’d be happy if they stood pat and used all the pics.  Bill got another 1st round pick.  History shows his judgment with first round picks is pretty good! 

Here is where the team stands right now

1st round - No. 23 overall – grab the best possible defensive player
1st round -  No. 31 overall – a QB to take over for Tommy Bundchen Brady
2nd round - No. 43 overall – another quality defensive player
2nd round - No. 63 overall – a TE for life after Gronk
3rd round - No. 95 overall – best possible player
6th round - No. 198 overall – a fresh RB in case Hill doesn’t work out
6th round - No. 210 overall – another receiver for the sake of depth
7th round - No. 219 overall – a kicker to give Gostkowski competition


Number 5 = Bill has set the team nicely for the 2019 draft.


As of this writing the Patriots have won 3 compensatory picks for losing Solder, Butler and Dion Lewis.  Bill and Nick have more ammo to trade up and down to get the next QB!


Number 6 = a renewed commitment to the rushing attack.


Bill and Josh know they can’t ignore the running back position even though they have Tom Brady.  Rex looked like an awesome dual threat back when he played.  Jeremy Hill showed talent in Cincy.  I’d rather they take a 22 year old back with fresh legs, but I can live with signing Hill.  Best case scenario for me is the two of them get 400 carries next year.

We’ve got to keep our heads up!  Bill and Tom have pride.  It has to burn them to lose a Super Bowl.  I can’t imagine they want to go out a loser. 

Things will be just fine

Thanks for reading, Go Pats!