Career over for Linebacker with limitless potential


One of my most favorite pass rushing line backers to watch career is officially over. After what appears to be an accurate accusation of Domestic abuse, the Oakland Raiders have had enough and parted ways with Aldon Smith. Even though, it’s more and more clear that Aldon is a master level bad decision maker. I wanted to use this blog post to pay homage to his career. I did thoroughly enough watching him play when he was in his prime.

Aldon went to high school in Raytown Missouri at Raytown High School. Coming out of high school he was ranked as a 3 star recruit by Rivals and ESPN. Aldon made some noise in high school. In 2008 Aldon was actually the Senor Male Athlete for the year at his high school. His dominate play was able to secure offers from multiple Division 1. Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State and Nebraska all pushed hard to get Aldon to play for them. Eventually Aldon choose the Missouri and stayed close to home.

Aldon’s first year at Missouri was dominating to say the least. He compiled 11.5 sacks as a freshman! His sophomore year was not as successful as he had a tough leg injury that really put a damper on his performance. Check out his college highlights, you can absolutely see his speed and power reeked havoc on the opposing teams. 

His leg injury did not deter the San Francisco 49ers from taking him 7th in the 2011 draft. Aldon made an immediate impact. He proved to the 49ers organization that he was well worth his draft position. In his first year as a pro he racked up 14 sacks. Alson's 2nd year campaign was even more outstanding, recording a whopping 19.5 sacks! Aldon was truly unstoppable at his best when faced with a 1 on 1 blocking scheme. Which, give some credit to his fellow pass rusher Justin Smith for forcing teams to pick there poison when those two beasts came rushing the opposing quarterback. You can see in his 49er highlight clip below his build and athleticism alone caused havoc. 

Alas, in what seemed too good to be true for 49er fans. Aldon Smith started to implode. His last two season with the 49ers he only racked up an paltry 10.5 sacks, while his 2014 season was basically, what I believe the beginning of the end. 10 total tackles and 2.5 sacks in 7 games. If you look at where it really began was the 2012 offseason, where he was arrested for driving under the influence. After that his rap sheet was much more impressive than his on the field performance. In 2013 he was charged with 3 felonies, 2014 he was arrested again for being belligerent with w TSA security guard, 2015 he was arrested for a hit and run. Even after all of this, after being cut by the 49ers after his 2014 incident, the Raiders still believed in him and signed him. He played in 9 games in a somewhat limited pass rushing only role and had 3.5 sacks. Everyone in the Bay Area was ready for Aldon to go back to his dominating ways. Especially the Oakland Raiders.

Aldon’s suspension was due to be over this year. He was supposed to come back and play a major role in the Oakland Raiders defense. However, Aldon being Aldon messed up. He messed up big time. On March 3rd Aldon was arrested for Domestic Abuse. Arguably his worst offense. His fiancé stated that he was entered himself in rehab. The Oakland Raiders have parted ways and the Bay area police have issued an arrest warrant. 

And there we have it, from underrated 3 star high school recruit, to a Superstar at Missouri, an All Pro in the NFL, to out of the league and unfortunately hated by many. Truly Aldon never reached his true potential. Who knows what got to him. Was it the Money, was it CTE or was it some underlying personality that was just waiting to rear its ugly head. Hopefully he get his life together, because the path he is on now is one of destruction and sadness. Thank you for all the hard work, as a 49er fan you brought true joy to my heart watching you play, but also true disappointment in your failures. 

Thanks for reading!