Richard Sherman - Is he worth the risk??

As a die-hard 49er fan I was a bit reluctant when I heard that Richard Sherman was coming to the 49ers. His past relationship with the 49er faithful is well documented. With of course the cherry on top of the hate filled Sunday being the moment he shut down Crabtree during the NFC Championship game and then went off on the post-game interviewing. Basically, enraging all of the 49er fan base. Personally, upon further reflection, I don’t blame Richard for being all fired up at that point. His team just won a huge game against a bitter rival, high emotions and high energy were spilling out everywhere. Richard had just made the biggest play of his career, his outburst and elation during that moment is forgivable. 

So, I ask myself. Is Richard Sherman worth that 3 year 39-million-dollar contract that he just agreed on with the 49ers? I unequivocally say yes. Even with Richard coming off a horrible injury he is worth the risk. The 49ers needed a defensive playmaker. Richard Sherman is that guy and is definitely worth that risk. Since 2011, no player has more interceptions (32) and Pass deflections (99). He is a prototype corner at 6’3 with great speed 4.59 40 Yard Dash. IF his Achilles is 100%, he’ll be a top 5 corner once again. 

Therefore, let’s give this guy a chance to bolster the 49er defense and prove that he is one of the best corners still in this league. If anything, he will bring years of experience and that locker room defensive leadership that was lacking the last few years. 

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- Jason

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