An unemotional take on the Super Bowl from a Patriots die hard

I’m a new convert to the Matrix.  The idea of taking the red pill truly resonates with me.  See the truth no matter what.  Get beyond your emotions and pre-existing ideas.  See things for what they really are.  The upcoming Super Bowl has me wondering what is the red pill truth about the 2017 Eagles?

Some people are pretty thrilled Wentz is out.  I am too.  I’d pick the Eagles if Carson were under center.  At the same time I’m baffled how Nick Foles is dismissed as just a backup quarterback.  This isn’t like going from Aaron Rodgers to Brett Hundley.  Foles made the Pro Bowl under Chip Kelly and is 17-10 as a starter for the Iggles.  Let’s not get complacent and think we have this in the bag.  With his physical skills and track record Foles is worthy of our respect.

Philly looks balanced in all three phases of the games.  Their offense scored almost 29 points a game this year.  Defensively they gave up 18.4 points a game, which was 4th in the league.  Blount, Clement and Ajayi are a quality three headed monster.  I can see them moving the ball against the Pats front seven reasonably well.  Ertz has a great size advantage over whoever the Patriots will put on him.  If I were their OC I’d target him at least 10-12 times. Agholor is a fine slot receiver.  He can be a problem in the middle of the field.  I’d put Butler on him.  Malcolm isn’t quite big and physical enough to go toe to toe with Alshon Jeffrey.  Eric Rowe is my guy to go up against Jeffrey with safety help.  Defensively I can see them rushing Brady with 4.  The Super Bowl losses to the Giants show a good pass rush can cover up an OK secondary.  Philly has good depth on their defensive line and can get to Brady with just four guys.  They will probably copy Jacksonville’s plan of beating up Gronkowski so he’s taken out of the game.  Cooks has unreal speed and Philly knows they’ll have to respect.

Dion Lewis will be vital.  Josh McDaniels must stick to giving Brady a complimentary running game.  Lewis, Burkhead and White should get at least 25 carries a game.  Basically they need to be just enough to run for first downs, kill clock and give Tommy a break as needed.  Amendola must be utilized as well.  If the situation is 3rd and 9 Brady should go to Danny at the stakes to get the first down. Danny has been carefully managed and now is the time to take off the kid gloves.  It’s cliché but true.  I really want them to establish the run at all costs.  It will help neutralize the aggressiveness of their D since they’ll know they can’t just wait to tee off on Brady.  Dion Lewis has the speed and shiftiness to be effective. Two components that I fear are defending the run pass option and getting turnovers.  If the Patriots can solve those options (and I think they will0 we will celebrate the 6th title in team history.

My best guess? Patriots 31 Eagles 30. This feel like another nail biter Super Bowl win for the Patriots.  Philly is too talented for this to be a blowout.