It’s been twelve days since the Patriots lost the Super Bowl loss.  Last night I was mulling the game over and I had a moment of clarity.  I’ve come to think the seven stages of grief is applicable to sports fandom too.  These thoughts ran through my mind like Usain Bolt.

(1)    Shock and denial = Good God they lost? Normally when the Pats are down in the Super Bowl they come from behind and win.  Whether they’re down 10 against Seattle or 25 against Atlanta doesn’t matter. They didn’t win this time around?

(2)    Pain and guilt = damn what a bummer.  Tommy and the offense were awesome as usual but they didn’t have enough on D.

(3)    Anger and bargaining = I’m not going to absolve Malcolm Butler of responsibility for his benching.  He’s been with Bill for four years and should know his Head Coach’s persona by now.  In Bill’s mind he did something that warrants getting benched.  At the same time here is our chance to win a 6th Vince.  Can we please bury the hatchet? Their pass D can’t contain Philly right now.  Perhaps bringing in Malcolm Go means they make a few stops on 3rd down.

(4)    Depression, Reflection and Loneliness = OK this sucks.  Teams that lose the Super Bowl can go into a real tailspin after the big game.  Case in point the Seahawks.  Their beat reporters wrote about how Butler’s interception has caused turmoil to this day.  Good for Philly though.  It is nice to see other fans celebrate after a long title drought.

(5)    The Upward Turn = this isn’t so bad.  The Brows just went 0-16 and that is the epitome of terrible.  How can I sit here and complain? The Pats are still conference champs. It’s like a silver medal.  A silver medal is a nice accomplishment even if it’s not glorious like a gold one is. Most quarterbacks go to 1 or 2 Super Bowls tops and Tommy has been to eight. He’s gone to half a years’ worth of Super Bowls.  My mind is blown thinking about it along those lines.

(6)    Reconstruction = in retrospect this year was a lot like 2011.  Bill probably knows he needs to invest on D if he wants a 6th Vince.  Odds are they won’t slip to 6-10 with Tommy under center.  Keep in mind they followed up their last Super Bowl loss with 2 AFC title game appearances.  Three years after their loss they won.  Nick Caserio is a bright guy who knows what he’s doing.

(7)    Acceptance and Hope = I’m going to give the Iggs and their staff a golf clap.  Congrats on breaking a drought that lasted almost 60 years.  Hopefully they will mellow out a bit.  I saw Silver Linings Playbook and man they are rabid.  Doug Pederson is a fine coach.  He learned under Reid and intrinsically knew to never let up.  Keep attacking their secondary and you can beat the Patriots.

What’s up next?  Hopefully Bill drafts the positions he’s good at and fills the holes on the roster with proven NFL talent.