Best NFL Franchise in the history of the NFL? Superbowls W's don't lie!

Tom Brady is going to his 8th Super Bowl.  Legit a half a season’s worth of Super Bowls.  Even going to a Super Bowl is a nice accomplishment and he’s already back on his 8th.  It’s absolutely staggering.

One recurring theme sticks out this year, and it’s the Patriots feel like an A+ team while the rest of the league is an A-.  This year feels like shades of ’03.  Philly looks good overall but I think they can narrowly pull out a win.

Looking back what were my old thoughts before the games?

1996 = Bledsoe had an awesome year but the defense looks just OK.  I don’t like my chances against Favre.

2001 = I had the pleasure of going to the Patriots Rams game in the regular season.  It was really close and I’m glad they’re getting another crack at them.  I could see a Bills Giants upset here.  Pound the Rams skill players and wear down their will over time.  Antowain Smith is exactly the kind of power back that can neutralize their defense.

2003 = I like their chances.  Jake Delhomme feels like the epitome of OK QB that just doesn’t turn it over like Jay Fiedler.  Smith and Faulk can move the ball and score against their D. The Pats D feels better than the one they had two years ago.

2004 = The Pats have this.  McNabb isn’t quite on Brady’s level.  Vrabel, Willie McG, Ted and Rosevelt Colvin will keep Westbrook in check.  Their receivers don’t scare me other than Owens.  Branch and Givens are quick and shifty enough to get separation from the Eagles secondary.

2007 = Wow.  I really think they will go undefeated.  The Patriots are the only the 2nd team in the modern Super Bowl era to go undefeated.  The passing attack was running out of steam but it’s still lethal.  Lawrence Maroney gives them a complimentary rushing attack they’ll have to respect.  Eli is not always accurate and A LOT of his passes get picked off.  He’ll chuck it up for grabs, it will get picked off and that will seal the 19-0 season.

2011 = I don’t like their chances.  The Patriots are too pass happy.  Green Ellis and Ridley don’t run enough to give Brady a break.  Their D is OK points wise, but their 3rd down stats are terrible.  New York has enough on offense.  Brandon Jacobs can play ball control and wear down the D to burn clock and give them the win.  Cruz gets a lot of media attention but let’s not forget how good Hakeem Nicks is.

2014 = My guess is Seattle pulls this one out in the end.  This feels like a narrow loss.  Seattle’s pass rush is vicious.  I can see Bennett or Irvin beating the tackles late to sack Brady and kill their chances for a comeback.  Lynch will have some success on the ground.  Wilson will move the ball when the play breaks down.  Seattle by an eyelash.

2016 = Patriots by a millimeter this year.  Atlanta’s head coach worked under Peter Carroll.  Tommy knows their D pretty well.  The Falcons don’t have the skill players Seattle had so I don’t think scoring is a problem.  Their skill players are unreal.  Freeman and Coleman are quick and so fast they make Willie Parker look slow.  Jones is the face of their receivers but depth wise their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th options are awesome as well.

This year feels like 2016 all over again.