Pats Playoff and QB Drama

It’s a new day, New Year and the Pats are in the playoffs again.


Patriots Nation is knee deep in anticipation of the playoffs.  I’m wondering if Tommy will fit his other hand for Super Bowl rings the then the stuff hit the fan.


All of a sudden Seth Wickersham wrote an article saying there was a rift between the trio.  The song End of the road by Boys 2 Men rolled in my head.  As painful as it was to admit I couldn’t help but wonder if the gist of the article was right.  History does repeat itself.


Did Bill want to put Tom out to pasture only to be stopped by Kraft? Not likely. Tommy hasn’t slipped enough to consider removing him.  It’s more like he may have declined, but not enough to be removed.


Questions like this make you do down the rabid hole of conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories seem logical but are devoid of evidence so it’s hard to accept them as truth.  Twenty one years ago Bill Parcells lost a power struggle and was forced to take Terry Glenn.  The loss eventually led to his departure.  Kraft wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, right?


My spider senses shot up.  ESPN’s track record of fair and accurate reporting on the Patriots is especially awful.  I was 96 percent sure ESPN was full of lies, half-truths and outright fake news.  ESPN is a propaganda outlet for the NFL.  They publish known falsehoods like the Rams walk through being taped and Mortensen’s tweet.  Once they were caught for their falsehood they buried the retraction


What’s the truth? Kraft probably didn’t arm twist Bill to trade Jimmy.  Over the past 17 years he hasn’t intervened on personnel.  Bill probably realized Tommy still looks pretty good, he couldn’t keep Jimmy and moved him out of the conference.  Brady isn’t retiring anytime soon, you can’t get Jimmy to take a cheap deal and franchising him is bad business.  It would be better to get a 2nd round pick and Brian Hoyer instead of a compensatory 3rd round pick.  It makes sense hardly worthy of ESPN’s sensationalist headlines.  What really happened with Alex Guerrero being moved out? A lot of Guerrero’s principles like pliability, water, vegetables, getting lots of sleep and pliability make sense.  I’d bet Bill thought he was in a turf war and had to assert his control.  Nothing more or less.


NFL stands for Not for Long for a reason.  The idea that long term security exists is simply not true.  Jobs are always up for grabs so guys are going to be at each other’s throats.  ESPN and the rest of the anti-Patriots media are pretending like Brady is evil incarnate and its nauseating.  What’s the truth? Tommy and Jimmy had some issues at times but worked them out.  By all accounts they are friendly work buddies but not personal friends.  Jerry Thornton reported Jimmy had his own TB12 key card and used it often.


ESPN acts like there’s an ominous feeling around the team where the wheels could come flying off at any given time.  The truth probably is the team is prepared for a coaching exodus.  It’s an inevitable byproduct of success in in the NFL.  All of the talented assistants on a head coach’s staff leave for their own gig.


Deep down I figure Tommy has two more years left.  By then I figure he’ll win his 6th Vince and get complacent enough to hang up his spikes.  Bill was in a slump, but after drafting Jimmy and Jacoby I think he’s snapped out of it.  Ryan Mallett, Kevin O’Connell, Rohan Davey, Kliff Kingsbury and Zac Robinson were his misfires.  He’s hit pay dirt on Tommy, Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer, Jimmy and Jacoby Brissett.


With a better I can see someone like Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield or Mason Rudolph taking over in 2020 and the good times keep rolling along.