Red Pill Truth on David Price

I have a confession to make. The Matrix is 18 years old and I just saw it last week.

Sometimes a hit movie slips through your brain. Enough people have talked about it that your desire to see it slowly melts away.  As a new fan the premise of the red pill vs. the blue pill is the best pop culture life advice ever I’ve ever heard.  Kenny Rogers "know when to hold them know when to fold them" lyrics are a close second.

The Matrix had been swirling around my head as I watched this year’s version of David Price.  The latest news on him is out and it's not encouraging. He’s not throwing anymore due to elbow stiffness.  Attempts to rehab his arm and stave off Tommy John surgery have backfired. The season looks like a lost cause and all I can think is lets swallow the red pill and see the truth about David Price.

(1) His record in the postseason is awful and we can’t say it’s a fluke.  He’s 2-8 with a career 5.54 ERA.  In the regular season he’s been to five All Star games, won a Cy Young and two ERA titles.  The difference is staggering right?

(2) As of this writing Price has pitched 66.2 innings in the playoffs.  66.2 innings is almost 7.4 full games.  We can now say, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he lacks the persona to be the ace of a World Series winning team

(3) A 7 year $217 million dollar contract creates expectations Price can't possibly fulfill. He is the 3rd highest paid pitcher in the entire league.  If we had taken the red pill we’d know his persona would bristle at those expectations and it wouldn’t be money well spent.

(4) Price is by all accounts a sensitive guy with rabid ears.  Media criticism and Twitter beefs get under his skin.  This reminds me of Edgar Renteria in 2005, and he wasn’t too productive in Boston either.

(5) Price is a low key guy from Tennessee.  Shouldn’t his years in Tampa have told us he’s a big fish small pond kind of player and those guys don’t work?  Yep! That should have been the lesson from Carl Crawford.

Don’t think for a second that I’m trying to absolve Price for not being a top tier pitcher.  Thankfully Chris Sale looks like he will take the reins of being an ace, so we can adjust our expectations on Price.  His lack of the clutch gene means he can still be a really good no 2.

Price bums you out because he’s not clutch and leaves you feeling like he could be better.  Despite all of that the red pill truth is the Red Sox should’ve taken the red pill, took the blinders off and realized he had enough red flags on him.  As much as I want to bash Price for being soft the team deserves to get bashed ten times as much for their bad judgment.

Signing Price and thinking all of a sudden he’ll become clutch is like lying down in traffic and expecting to not get hit.

-Erik Manzelli - Tozofit Sports Columnist

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