Pro Football is in the air!!

Oh man, it’s sooooooo sweet to have the pre-season back.  Initially I didn’t like pre-season games, but over time I’ve come to see them as an appetizer to the main course.  The games are full of role players, undrafted studs, late drafted guys that are gems, CFL bound guys, practice players and college studs that can’t make the leap to the pros. 

Jimmy G moved the ball fairly well against Jacksonville, and in that moment I had what alcoholics call a moment of clarity.  It hit me like when Homer Simpson had his revelation in The Simpsons movie.

The Patriots success has put me in a state that is best described as a cross between nirvana, complacency and perpetual giddiness.  Stuff that annoyed me as a fan is down 95 percent.  Man, this must be what 49ers fans like from ’80-’95. 

Never in a million years did I think we’d hit this rarefied air of awesome and embarrassment of riches

Let’s break this down logically.  Once their success hits home you can’t help getting euphoric no matter who you root for.

Tommy has been in the NFL for seventeen years overall.  For the sake of this column I’m tossing out 2000 and 2008 because he wasn’t on the field. 

In 15 years Mr. Tom Bundchen Brady has led the Pats to 5 Vince trophies.  To put it another way, the Patriots literally win the Super Bowl a third of the time he plays.

A Super Bowl appearance isn’t as sweet as a title, but it’s still a very nice accomplishment.  Tommy has led the Pats to 7 in 15 years.  Every NFL season shows teams need some luck and good fortune to just make the Super Bowl.  The amount of quarterbacks that have led a team to the Super Bowl is miniscule overall, and Tom Brady leads the Pats to the Super Bowl 46.6 percent of the time! 

In the Super Bowl Era just two teams have had perfect seasons and the Patriots were one of them.  Over time I’ve come to see the ’07 season as like winning a bronze medal; a nice accomplishment even if it’s not the gold.

The Tommy Belichick Patriots have 11 AFC CCG games on their resume.  Literally this translates to they are a final four team 73.3 percent of the time!

Worst case rock bottom with Tom Brady is two one and done seasons.  A one and down seasons means you are still the top 3rd tier of the league.

Their track record has been so stellar I feel like a spoiled, entitled diva if I’m critical of them.  How can I be critical when they’ve treated me so well? The intellectually honest answer is I really can’t.  Bill and Tom have earned my faith in their judgment.

The Brady/Belichick salad days are still going strong that my concerns for the team turn out OK.  Case in point……

OH NO Gronkowski is out for the year?!?!? Do the Pats have enough options to win without him?  Yep!

Will Blount and James White be enough of a rushing attack to complement Tommy and Jimmy? Yep!

Jamie Collins is in Cleveland.  Do they have enough athletes at linebacker to offset his departure?  Yep!

The Patriots wins have been so amazing that my Patriots bucket list is 99.999999999999999 percent done.  

If I wanted to nitpick I’d say I hope Tommy wins a 6th Super Bowl then retires.  I can see him partying at Carnivale in Brazil with G and the kids.  Jimmy takes over and he’s Steve Young to Brady’s Montana.  Bill decides he wants to stay in super-duper screw you mode and wins the SB with Jimmy G under center.

Axl Rose taught me nothing lasts forever, but I’ll always remember the mental giddiness of the Patriots reign of supremacy.

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