Jimmy G's new life in SF

Jimmy G is going to Frisco.


Tommy’s apparent successor is going to the land of Ghiradelli chocolate and the Golden Gate Bridge. 


My mind is scrambled.  Seeing him leave feels like a breakup with a fiancé.   We were going to commit to him.  Bill was going to stay in super duper eff you mode and win a few Vince trophies with Jimmy.  Bruce Arians compared him to Tony Romo, and that feels like a spot on comparison.  Our time with him was short, but it was enough to get you excited.  His arm looked strong, he could read pretty well, deliver the ball accurately with a good tendency to look downfield. 


Prior to him being drafted I was thrilled whenever they drafted a QB.  Every time I’d think woo-hoo this is great! Bill is following the Ron Wolf school of thought on quarterbacks.  Always draft and develop them to guard against injury.  If an injury happens you’re OK.  You can always flip a developed quarterback for more draft picks like Atlanta did with Matt Schaub.  Spend a pick on a QB even when you don’t necessarily need one.



It’s about halfway through the year and he’s gone.  Hell even our 3rd guy is in Indy.


In retrospect I consider him a wildly successful draft pick.  Bill was probably thinking Brady is getting older so I need to light a fire under him.  Add him plus Revis and a healthy Gronk meant a 4th Super Bowl title for Brady.  Jimmy and Goodell saved Brady from 4 games worth of wear and tear last year.


The rabid anti Patriots media will probably try to spin this as a mistake the team made, but I don’t see how that case can be made.  Bill might have thought Tommy would retire or get complacent after he won his 5th title.  He was wrong.  It has to be simple.  The team figured Tommy wasn’t slipping so let’s move Jimmy now while we still can.


I don’t doubt the team tried to sign him to an extension.  All I can see is Jimmy thinking “no way I’m signing an extension Tommy still looks great!”  You have to figure any money he could have made her pales in comparison to what he’d make as a starter.  Cleveland was reportedly interested, but he’d apparently made it clear he wasn’t keen on going there.


In a way Jimmy’s departure is a compliment to Brady.  In 2013 he had about eighteen years worth of wear and tear on his body.  The sport is so violent and the average career is short.  Even with the increased emphasis on player safety the sport still has an ominous feeling where it could end at any given time.  Tommy was so disciplined and passionate in his preparation he staved off his successor.  His passion to keep winning hasn’t waned, and you can’t help but admire him for that. 


Bill had to think cut your losses now and reload in the draft.  A second round pick for Jimmy feels like a good but not great return.  Ideally they’ll use the two 2nd round picks they have and get another 1st round pick.  Hopefully they pick a QB thinking he’ll be under center in 2020 playing Steve Young to Brady’s Montana