NFL is for our teams to beat the crap out of each other!

The news of planned protests is dominating NFL coverage and I am pissed.

Politics is like a parasite and it’s latched onto football.  Prior to the past few years football was one of the rare things impervious to political sleaze.

Sundays was the best because we’d forget about the insanity emanating from DC.  All I want from football is to see freakishly skilled men do things on the gridiron that normal guys can’t do.  It’s a simple as that.

Emotions are too riled up.  We’re probably never going back, BUT can we please make football a non-political world again? I long for the day when the NFL can be a neutral place in the relentless right vs. left cultural holy war.

For the record I am not trying to suppress speech in any way shape or form.  If people want to hear policy stuff they can find it on NPR, MSNBC, Fox News, pod casts etc.  Come kickoff time I don’t want to hear stuff I agree with, stuff I don’t agree with and potentially new thoughts to contemplate.

What it boils down to is when you play you are on the clock for the team you work for.  Companies have wide leverage to control your behavior in the spirit of making money and accomplishing tasks.  Participating in open politics can disrupt people from achieving the common goal of winning games.

The protests are a nice symbolic, non-violent way to state where you stand.  I just wish the people would channel their passions into different outlets where their chances of enacting their cause is much higher.  People say kneeling is a nice way to bring attention to their cause.  Technically that’s true but I see that as old thinking.  This isn’t 1987 anymore.  It’s not as if we have just three news stations. The advent of social and alternative media means you don’t need to kneel anymore.  Your chances of persuading people in a long form podcast are greater PLUS you won’t antagonize your NFL fans as much. 

If alternative media isn’t for you write think pieces or go on Meet the Press.  No matter you are advocating develop intellectually honest arguments with facts and reason.  Try to logically convince me why your line of thinking is the correct way to go.  If you are skilled people will go your way.  Attacks on people’s character or what’s in their heart backfire.

The media coverage becomes mostly about the protests than the on-field action. Actual football is secondary to the news of the day.  The league and its fans had an unofficial credo where only the game mattered.  These protests are a direct violation of that.

Hopefully it’s not too late.  Ratings are down so hopefully the league gets message.  Don’t play favorites and broadcast the fact you are apolitical again.

All will be well in the NFL world again.